Friday, 4 March 2016

How To Market Your Business By Networking

Business networking is a great way to market your business, particularly in the early stages. The general format of networking meetings is a group of local business owners meet up, usually for breakfast or lunch. The meeting starts with coffee and mingling, Then you have some food and have the opportunity to do a one minute round. Often,there is also a ten minute presentation, by one of the members about their business. Business networking groups differ with regards to their membership rules, but most will allow you to attend a few times as a guest before committing to joining.

A one minute round is a fantastic opportunity to promote your therapy practice to a whole room of people. So, how do you maximise the use of that one minute? Plan your one minute round well.
First of all, target your one minute round to the specific audience attending the meeting. Think about what particular issues they might face. If you're attending a women's only networking group you might talk about different things than if you are attending a golf networking meeting, for instance.

It is tempting to try to convey as much information as possible in your one minute round. However, it is far more effective read the rest of the article, sign up to our informative newsletter here. 

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