Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Business Books Every Therapist Needs To Read

As a therapist you're constantly learning and developing. However, one of the areas commonly neglected is business and marketing. However, this is one of the most important areas to develop. Here at The Therapists' Business School we hear too many stories of great therapists, who had to stop practising simply because their business doesn't generate enough money to support them. Becoming knowledgeable in business doesn't have to be expensive. The following books are a wonderful way to rapidly improve your business knowledge.
Essentially a book about time management, which should be such a dull, dry subject. However, the author manages to keep you highly entertained through this book, whilst providing practical ways to improve your focus, manage your time and increase your productivity by 1000%. Some of the tips include how to outsource mundane tasks for a fraction of the cost, software to dramatically save time and how to create an automated passive income. Highly recommended.
Do you find that you continually work harder and harder and yet still do not reach the level of wealth you desire? It's possible that you have negative beliefs about money, for example, that you must specialize more to achieve wealth, or perhaps deep down you believe that rich people are greedy. Negative beliefs about money can cause us to self-sabotage our business. Robert Kiyosaki explains how to spot and change negative thought patterns. He also explains how economics works in very user friendly terms. 
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