Friday, 4 March 2016

Achieving Your Goals

In our previous blog, we talked about how to set specific goals and various techniques you can use to increase your chances of success. We talked about writing specific goals down, reading them aloud, making them public and also using visualization.

Often, we have big, ambitious goals. Of course, it’s good to aim high. However, very large goals can be daunting and sometimes it can be helpful to break down big goals into a series of smaller short term goals.

One of the biggest obstacles we can face when trying to reach our goals is the fear of failure. Often, people avoid aiming high, because they think it is better to cruise along where they are, rather than aim for better and risk failing.
This is a ridiculous way to think. Often, the worst case scenario is simply a bruised ego and a few “I told you so” from other people. The risks associated with not fulfilling your goals are often not that bad. Whereas the potential benefits of achieving our goals can be fantastic. Do you find yourself fearing failure?
From now on adopt the new belief that there is no failure only feedback.
'No failure only feedback' is a great motto. Any time we encounter obstacles or make mistakes, we can use these as learning experiences. See any issues in isolation, a small lapse. Do not view any setbacks as proof that the goal is unachievable.
Whenever you do encounter an obstacle or setback, take the time to evaluate what happened and how you can do things differently next time. For example, if a certain marketing strategy doesn't deliver new clients, then you know not to repeat that strategy.

Then think about what you could do differently next time.
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