Thursday, 3 March 2016

Are Limiting Beliefs Holding Back Your Business Success?

Do you ever find that although you are committed to building your business, staying focussed and doing all the right things, that somehow your business still isn't growing?
Or perhaps as soon as things start to pick up, you shy away? Or even self-sabotage by not chasing up leads or not doing as much networking as you used to?
Does this sound familiar?

This is very common and is often caused by underlying limiting beliefs.

In our society we have a lot of conflicting views about success and money. Most people would like to have more money so that they can have more freedom, travel, do more of what they love and look after their friends and family. However, although people would like more money, there are also many common distorted beliefs that having more money is a bad thing.

For example, that in order to have a lot of money you must sacrifice your family life. Another common distorted belief about money is that rich people are greedy or bad. People sometimes believe that in order to make money you must take advantage of people or be dishonest. Or that having more money will change them or change the way their friends treat them. With all these negative beliefs about money it is no wonder that we sometimes self-sabotage.

So where do these beliefs come from?

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