Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Tech Solutions For Holistic Therapists

Modern technology can make everyone's life easier and the same goes for us therapists. Here are a few of the most useful apps and systems for holistic therapists.

We are going to assume you already have the basics such as a website and email address.

1) Google Calendar. This is such an easy to use system with the additional advantage that it will automatically sync between your pc and your phone. You can access it from any device. You can also share the calendar with others, for example your receptionist. It also automatically populates with diary dates from your emails, which is really handy.

2) iZettle. This is a system for accepting credit card payments. It used to be really tricky for small businesses to accept card payments. We needed specialist machinery, a landline and the costs were high. iZettle connects via Bluetooth to your mobile phone. You don't even need to be connected to WiFi. Using the iZettle app you select the amount you want to charge, the phone connects with the small card reader, (which is available from iZettle for a small cost). Your customer uses the card reader, the funds get automatically transferred to your account and that's it. Wonderfully simple.

3) MailChimp. This is an email marketing platform, which is free for smaller accounts. The free account will likely serve you for several years as you grow your business. Use MailChimp to easily create beautiful newsletters, promoting your business, which can be sent to thousands of subscribers all at once. Give away freebies and useful information in your newsletters to increase reader engagement. MailChimp also produces very useful reports which can tell you information such as which people read your emails the most and which links are most popular.

4) This is a lead capture platform. What does this mean? It means that you can create ads (on Facebook for example) giving away a freebie (such as an ebook). Prospective customers sign up to the freebie. automatically sends them the freebie and also adds their contact details to your existing email list. It integrates well with MailChimp. For more information about how to use Leadpages and MailChimp to create a marketing funnel, download our Business Success Course.