Sunday, 11 September 2016

What does freedom mean to you?

What does freedom mean to you?
How does your business facilitate your freedom?

Take some time now to really think about these questions.

Freedom will mean something slightly different to each person. For you, freedom might be the ability to choose which hours you work, to give you more time with your children. Freedom might mean being able to work from anywhere. Freedom might mean being able to travel for long periods of time. Freedom might mean not having to answer to a boss. Freedom might mean the opportunity to work exclusively on the things you are passionate about. It could be freedom from debt or freedom from money worries. Have a think about what freedom means to you, as this will be a huge factor in the kind of life you create for yourself.

Personally, freedom means that I wake up in the morning, knowing that everything I have scheduled for each day is something I really want to do. I don't achieve this every day, but I'm moving closer to my definition of freedom. My definition of freedom has changed over the years, as I'm sure yours has. When I was making the decision to quit my investment banking job and start my hypnotherapy practice, I wanted to freedom to do work I was passionate about and to have more time with my children. As the years have passed, freedom to travel has increased in priority for me.

The wonderful thing about being a self-employed therapist is that it creates a lot of freedom in your life. At the same time as creating freedom in your own life, you are also performing extremely valuable work and enabling your clients to lead much happier lives. As therapists, we generally charge quite a high hourly rate. This gives us the freedom to work fewer hours and have freedom from financial concerns. Being our own boss also gives us the freedom to choose the type of work we do, the hours we work and the freedom to make our own decisions. One of the wonderful benefits of systems such as Skype and Zoom is that you can now conduct many types of therapy via the internet. So your clients can be in New York and you can be in the Maldives. (Admittedly, this is trickier for all you massage therapists!)

So what is your definition of freedom? Does your current job or business give you this freedom? And if not, what is stopping you? Getting clear on exactly what freedom means to you is hugely empowering. Visualisation is a very powerful tool. Take the time to really visualise your ideal lifestyle. Imagine all the ways in which you are free in your perfect future, Engage all of your senses. What does freedom look like? Where would you be living? Where would you travel? What would you do with your free time? What work would you do? How would the extra freedom benefit your health and your loved ones? What would you hear in your ideal future? What would you be eating and drinking, if you had complete freedom? And what would you feel and smell?

Enjoy this visualisation exercise. Once you are clear on what freedom means to you, you can take daily action to move you closer to your goal.

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