Sunday, 18 September 2016

Location Independence

Usually our blogs here at The Therapists' Business School provide guidance on business and marketing for therapists. Today's blog is a little more personal. I'm Cat, the owner of The Therapists' Business School and I've been taking part in a ten day blog challenge. Every day I've been writing a blog which helps me to create the vision for my own life. It has been brilliant and I thoroughly recommend you check it out. This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9, which is all about location independence. I hope my views can inspire you to also think about your goals.

I have always loved travel. As soon as I hit 18, I packed my backpack, passport, SPF 6000 sun cream (I have the type of skin which can burn under a light bulb!) and I was off. That first experience of independent travel took me inter railing around Europe, seeing ruins and beaches in Thailand, sailing down the river Nile, working in a hospital in India and office work (and drinking) in Dublin. I was hooked.

Life is a little different now. I'm in my early thirties, have a family, a home I love and a hypnotherapy practice, which I am incredibly passionate about. My goal now is to be able to travel for three months of the year, during all the school holidays and enjoy the rest of the year in my base in the UK. I admire all the families who educate their children on the road, giving them true location independence. However, for me that is not the best balance, for two reasons. One, I love my hypnotherapy work and to provide a good service to my clients, I need to be able to see them regularly over a period of a few months. Secondly, my oldest daughter is disabled and requires quite a lot of additional support in school and from healthcare professionals so it makes sense to stay where the support is already set up.

So, my dream is to have the freedom to travel for three months of the year, with my family. This is one of the reasons why I set up The Therapists' Business School. By providing business and marketing knowledge as online courses and by employing the best trainers in the field to run the classroom courses, I do not need to be physically present.

In April, we are going, as a family, to Thailand and Cambodia. We are all incredibly excited for this trip. While there it will be important to me to balance my work time, tourist time, relaxation time and time for exercise. We are working with the natural rhythm of the area we are visiting. Thailand and Cambodia are stifling hot in April. So, we will all get up early and stay up late to do most of our touristy things early in the morning or late in the evening. During the hottest part of the day, the children will need a sleep. This siesta time is mine and my husband's opportunity to get some work done. By saving all of our documents to Google Drive and our log ins to LastPass, we can log in from any computer in the world, saving us the extra luggage of having to bring a laptop. We will incorporate plenty of exercise into our daily routine in Asia, simply by the activities we will be doing, horse riding, swimming and lots of walking.

For another post about how to balance work and location independence, check out my blog about my perfect day here.

Often people think that extensive travel is out of reach. They think it is too expensive / dangerous / impossible to fit in around work etc. Don't let these limiting beliefs hold you back. In reality travel is accessible, it just takes a bit of organisation.

Travel is very important to me, as it is with so many other people. It really is possible to create a business and lifestyle which allows you location independence.

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